Boiler makes package management really, really easy. Gone are the days of scouring forum posts for working plugins.

Why does boiler exist?

You see, turning your code into an unRAID-compatible Slackware package is a bit of a pain. You need a machine to test with and a way to deploy your code to that machine. You’ll have to remember to bump the version number along the way. You’ll have to come up with a way to store your app’s configuration in a way that won’t get lost on a reboot or a reinstall.

The worst part is, there are no best practices. The solutions you come up with are likely to differ from other packages, creating a disparate ecosystem.

Boiler uses a central registry, but decentralized source code. Packages are created on the fly, on your machine, for best compatibility. Authors maintain their own source code, issues, and releases. Boiler is just the glue.

Boiler standardizes how packages are designed. It solves a lot of common problems for you, so you can focus on making a killer app, rather than dealing with annoying problems. It paves the way for better packages, apps, and services on unRAID.

Who made Boiler?

Hi, I’m Nic Aitch. I’m a professional software engineer with a background in Ruby and JavaScript. I care deeply about design and usability. I believe unRAID can be made better through high quality tooling designed for its unique challenges.